A VIP trip on a budget

A VIP trip on a budget

You don’t have to be a world famous celeb to travel in style. Whether enjoying a quick European city break or treating yourself to a  long haul trip there are a number of ways to get that VIP feeling without breaking the bank.

In these times of austerity what could be better than a luxurious trip without the hefty cost? Here are a few tips to do just that.

Lounge at the airport without the need for a first-class fare

Not only do first- and business-class passengers get a separate area on the flight, but they also get the privilege of relaxing in an airport lounge prior to travelling. That’s the way to get the true VIP feeling: a little pampering and some gastronomic delights before boarding – maybe a glass of fizz. But this could be within your grasp with options like the Escape Lounges at Manchester Airport. Regardless of the class of your flight or destination, you can enjoy stunning service, fresh food and the chance to unwind in the most comfortable of surroundings without needing to shell out for a first-class fare.

Housing yourself in the escape lounge in Manchester before leisurely making your way to the gate could kick off your trip in true VIP fashion.

Social media, like a celeb

Twitter has really bridged the gap between celebs and us mere mortals. By using the social networking tool you can follow your favourite celebs, keep up to date with their daily lives and even interact with them. But don’t just be in awe of the life they lead,  start using the tool to your own advantage – just like they do.

Many hotels and travel companies continually share their best deals on social media applications like Facebook and Twitter before sending them live through other outlets. By keeping up to date with online activity and moving fast when any deals are posted, VIP travel packages could be well within your grasp.

Partying like a VIP

A VIP trip doesn’t just involve travelling in style or staying in luxury accommodation. For many of us to live up to the true celebrity holiday we’ll want to be enjoying flowing champagne in the VIP area of a top club. While you may need to be a big name to enjoy this kind of luxury round the world, there is a way round it.

Luxury travel agencies worldwide specialise in arranging the best treatment for you in any number of cities round the globe. You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge you can avoid queues and bouncer drama and concentrate on having the time of your life!

Remember, you might be trying to save money, but you don’t need to give up on that VIP style.

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